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Grand Terroir des Echansons de France produces, makes and selects wines from different French regions.

The adventure began in 1990 when the Paris Wine Museum felt under the spell of the Château Labastidié, flagship of the Gaillac vineyards,

with 70 hectares of vineyards overlooking the valley of the Tarn.

The Wine Museum housing the Wine Brotherhood of Conseil des Echansons de France,

whose the main mission is the promotion of French wines abroad, could not be satisfied with a single appellation.

Grand Terroir des Echansons de France is associated with winemakers from Bordeaux, Rhone and Languedoc

in order to offer wines reflecting the typicity of their terroir.

It also worked with renowned producers in their appellation in order to offer – besides its properties -a selection of wines,

carefully chosen for their excellence, typicality, but also for the passion conveyed by each producer.

Grand Terroir des Echansons de France
Groupe Musée du Vin Paris
5 Square Charles Dickens - 75016 Paris

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