Brut Rosé

Grapes 20% Chardonnay
65% Pinot Meunier
15% Pinot Noir vinifié en vin rouge
Issu chaque année de la même vigne
Wine Making Traditional Champagne Pressing. Settling and racking by natural gravity.
Alcoholic fermentation between 16 and 20°. Ageing on lees.
Malolactic fermentation sought. Red wine vinification in open vats.
Tasting Notes The dress is pink. It highlights the creamy white foam.
The fruity nose is mostly on red fruit (strawberry). The palate is full with a lot of freshness.
Food Pairing Salmon eggs, spring rolls, risotto with mushrooms, tournedos Rossini with foie gras,
lamb roast pork with pineapple, smoked eel, stuffed squid, grilled lobster, Chaource,
Munster, fresh goat cheese, crumble with red fruits, iced nougat, chocolate profiteroles.
Service To be served between 8 and 10°C Ageing Potential 2-3 years

Grand Terroir des Echansons de France
Groupe Musée du Vin Paris
5 Square Charles Dickens - 75016 Paris

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